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 • Increases Sense of Wellbeing
• Increases Alpha Waves
• Promotes Relaxation
• Reduces Stress & Anxiety
• Improves Learning Ability

• Alleviates PMS Symptoms
• Reduces Caffeine's Negative Effects

• Great Alternative to Kava Kava
  Our Price: $29.95


Calm Mind™ With Suntheanine™

What Are Alpha Waves & Why Do I Want Them? Alpha waves are present at different times in your life. If you have ever experienced a calm, relaxed state of mind you were probably in an alpha state of mind. Scientist who study the brain have been able to correlate different emotional states to brain wave activity. It has been found that meditators measure very high for alpha waves after meditating, when a person is usually in a highly relaxed and focused state of mind. Thirty minutes after taking Calm Mind you will notice you are calmer, more relaxed and highly focused. Perfect for those stressful days when you have to be in your best state of mind.*

What Is L-Theanine? Theanine is a unique amino acid commonly found in green tea. It has been determined that L-Theanine is a derivative of Glutamic Acid, is one of the neurotransmitters found in the brain. Absorbed in the intestinal brush-border membrane, L-Theanine, due to its fat solubility, is incorporated into the brain via the leucine-preferring transport system of the blood brain barrier. Once absorbed into the brain, L-Theanine exhibits many positive, physiological effects. Unlike Kava Kava, and Valerian, L-Theanine does not cause drowsiness or impair a person's motor skills. Perhaps one of the most extensively researched and documented nutritional ingredients, L-Theanine has demonstrated safety and efficacy in many applications. Calm Mind contains 100 mg of Suntheanine and 200 mg of GABA per capsule.

Many of our customers order Eden PM  along with U4REA X-Factor  so they can first wind down and relax and then get a good nights sleep. See specials for combo pricing.

• Powerful Human Pheromone
• Increases sex appeal
• Attracts women
• Increases sexual attractiveness
• Helps create romantic mood

  Our Price: 1/$23.95 - 2/$39.95


Attract with CP2 +  is the finest blend of concentrated human pheromones on the market today. Pheromones are odorless chemicals secreted from the body that affect sexual behavior. Clinical research proves that the greater the pheromone secretion, the greater the sexual attractiveness. Now a revolutionary breakthrough in pheromone technology has propelled the science of sexual attraction to new unparalleled heights Sex Appeal in a Bottle!

CP2 Attract 1000+ formula is odorless so you can discreetly add it to your favorite after-shave or cologne. However, be prepared for amazing results. CP2 Attractant 1000+ is powerful; up to a thousand times more potent than normal pheromone secretion. Women find the seductive lure of CP2 both irresistible and intoxicating! Manufactured and created in one of the world's largest, state-of-the-art pharmaceutical labs. Attractant 1000+ has been meticulously developed by an experienced and dedicated team of Ph.D. biochemists using only the purest, safest, and most effective ingredients. Although the complete formula is a carefully guarded trade secret, CP2 Attractant 1000+'s core begins with the strongest and purest human pheromones (Androstenone) available at any price. CP2 Attractant 1000+'s unique formula is then bottled for shipment in a sterile licensed pharmaceutical laboratory that is in full compliance with all FDA regulations.
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• Recover quickly from hangovers
• Increase energy
• Reduce dehydration
• Stop sluggish feelings
• Stop headaches
• Reduce dry mouth

  Our Price: 1/$24.95 - 2/$39.95

Hangover Magic (30 caps) is a blend of herbal supplements and vitamins designed to restore the body’s energy and breakdown alcoholic ingredients quickly to leave thousands of satisfied users refreshed and alert after a night of drinking.

How Hangover Magic Works
The unique blend of herbs in Hangover Magic helps your body recover its natural state of digestive and metabolic balance. Each herbal ingredient was scientifically selected to create a comprehensive formula that will make you feel relaxed and in control the morning after a night of drinking alcohol. A simple 3-tablet dose of Hangover Magic taken before you start drinking will instill the energy you need to get through the morning without feeling sluggish, disoriented or dehydrated. You’ll rest easier knowing you have a magic supplement on your side.

(As always advised, drinking in moderation is the best form of hangover prevention. Using Hangover Magic will help any social drinker maintain his or her edge the next day, but this supplement is not a license to drink in excess.) [More info]

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