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Physiologically Significance of Testosterone and Homeopathy
By James R. Hughes, MD

Testosterone is one of our vital hormones. The level of testosterone produced by the body generally decreases as we age. This vital hormone is required for libido, maintenance of muscle mass, prevention of depression, bone mineral density, regulation of blood pressure and plays an important role in blood sugar regulation.

HGH: Three Double-Blind Placebo-Controlled Studies
Barbara Brewitt, Ph.D., James Hughes, M.D.,
Elizabeth A. Welsh, Ph.D., Robert Jackson, D.C.

Human growth hormone (hGH) receives a good deal of public attention for the ability to build lean body mass, increase physical performance, enhance immune function, and improve body composition and shape.

1-AD: The Future of Prohormones
by ErgoPharm, Performance Nutrition Technology

You are about to be introduced to the future of prohormones. It is called 1-AD, and it is without a doubt the single most amazing prohormone to be synthesized and sold as a nutritional supplement.

The Andro Spray Report
by ErgoPharm, Performance Nutrition Technology

Andro Spray provides the most effective sustained release andro product on the market today.

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