GHB Alternatives (Product labels may be different from the ones shown here)

• Decreases Inhibitions
• Incredible Mood Enhancer
• Promotes Relaxation
• Reduces Stress and Anxiety
Promotes focus and clarity
• More Potent than standard U4EA




U4EA  X-Factor: 

Not all U4EAs are the same - The U4 X-Factor is the most powerful and effective of the U4 class. Try it and feel the difference.

U4EA X-Factor is yet another leap forward in mood enhancing. The X-Factor comes with all the benefits inherent in the U4 based formulas PLUS it delivers vastly expanded mood enhancing effects. The X-Factor is based on the revolutionary U4 formula designed to promote mood enhancement and relaxation. However, the U4 X-Factor featured on this site contains a new unique proprietary blend of ingredients designed to meet our customers higher standards. The U4EA X-Factor knocks all other liquid relaxation products out of the water--including its cousins, the cheaper U4EA versions found elsewhere. Our proprietary blend of compounds when absorbed, closely mimic the effects as the older no longer available products. When it comes to GHB alternatives, our X-Factor U4EA X  is the most powerful and effective product in the market today delivering 50-75% more powerful than the basic formula. Guaranteed you'll feel the difference.

Here is what we said about the basic U4EA when it first came out:

" U4EA (pronounced Eu-phor-ia), is a mood enhancing formula designed to increase sociability and decrease inhibition, to enhance mental focus and clarity and reduce stress and anxiety.

We finally found a worthy replacement for RENEW G, G FORCE, Soma Sleep and Solar Water. You can feel U4EA work immediately! Most users report feeling the effects in as little as 10-20 minutes.  With U4EA you can now get a Mood Enhancer, Anxiety & Stress Reliever AND Improved Clarity & Focus in ONE product! Yes, it sounds too good to be true, but it is! Simply take 1 to 2 teaspoons with soda or juice on a light/empty stomach and feel U4EA lift away all your tension, anxiety, & stress while uplifting your mood. The latest version also comes in tablet form for ease of use. Click here for 90 Tab basic version.

U4EA is very safe, all natural and 100% legal. It makes a great party alternative to alcohol - No calories, no hangover, no DUI worries - just 100% feel good U4EA!

Here is what one review reported:

 "This is a kickass GHB alternative. Our tester was feeling no pain on 2 teaspoons. Inhibitions were lowered. He had a good euphoric buzz that came on in 45 minutes and stayed at a plateau for 4 hours"

How does U4EA work?
U4EA works by normalizing chemicals in the brain called neuro-transmitters and optimizing neuronal cell membrane stabilization, both critical factors in brain function. Just like the ingredients in chocolate work on brain (chocolate is famous for enhancing mood and as an aphrodisiac) U4EA does the same thing. In fact U4EA contains some of the same powerful ingredients found in chocolate. Both chocolate and U4EA affect brain neurotransmitters, except U4EA is Much More Potent!

Relax and sleep better

U4EA has potent ingredients that can also promote feelings of relaxation and enable you to have deeper, more restful sleep.

Your edge for success
From students to executives and anyone who wants to get ahead. Your ability to focus, study, and work harder depends on your brain. Want to be more creative? Need to get a promotion? Make more money? It all starts with your ability to use your brain! Use your imagination, brain storm! U4EA can help your brain to work at its best. "

Ingredients and Suggested Dose: CLICK HERE

Read what people say about U4REA: CLICK HERE

The new X- Factor U4EA is 50-75% more powerful than regular U4EA.  Try it and feel the difference.

• Decreases Inhibitions
• Incredible Mood Enhancer
• Promotes Relaxation
• Reduces Stress and Anxiety
Promotes focus and clarity
New Formula
  Our Price: $47.95 for 65oz.

LEGATO is very similar to the U4 XFACTOR in its effects. In musical terms the Italian word legato means tied together, indicating that musical notes are played or sung smoothly and connected. Smooth and connected is exactly how you will will feel when taking LEGATO.

LEGATO is a fast acting stress reducing formula that comes in powder form. It promotes positive fillings helping you stay focused, smoothed and connected to life.

Just like all our other products LEGATO is all natural, completely safe and non-addictive. It is highly effective in the creation of relaxing Alpha brain waves, controlling homocysteine levels, and optimizing serotonin and dopamine transmitters. Enjoy it!

"... been using the X Factor for some time with excellent results, love it; the new formula is as good or better... I cycle them and use them together sometimes for extra juice. Thanks for another great product." DB, Alabama

Suggested use

This is also a very powerful formula. Read the label, follow instructions and use responsibly.

Mild effects: Ό to ½ teaspoon of powder
Moderate effects: 3/4 to 1 teaspoon
Enhanced/Strong effects: 1 Ό + of the powder

We suggest most people start out with a mild or moderate dose first. So about ½ to Ύ teaspoon of powder. Mix with flavored beverage for better taste. Results are typically felt in under 30 minutes. If after 25-30 minutes you do not feel the results you desire, just take another Ό teaspoon of powder every 25-30 minutes until the desired effects are felt.

Mix with flavored beverage for better taste. Some people use it in lieu of alcohol, to relax, recover and sleep better. Beware that if used with alcohol, it will actually enhance the experience. Some people use Red Bull with alcohol. LEGATO, U4XFACTOR and U4RELOAD are actually a much better choice to use than Red Bull because RB and similar energy drinks MASK the effects of alcohol. So, people can get drunk before they know it. LEGATO does the opposite. That’s why the label warning. You do not need to drink AS MUCH to feel the effects. Many athletes and bodybuilders use our products to consume less alcohol, get the relaxation effects, avoid putting on weight... and save money on drinks to boot.

• Decreases Inhibitions
• Euphoric feelings
• Incredible Mood Enhancer
• Promotes Relaxation
• Reduces Stress and Anxiety
Pro sexual
  Retail Price: $59.95
Our Price: $49.95



Stress getting to you? Need to unwind after a long day? Ride the U4EK WAVE... our latest 100% legal and highly effective mood enhancing supplement that will take the edge off and leave you relaxed and feeling great. The WAVE is an all-natural, calorie free, hangover free, and toxic free solution--your ticket to a completely satisfying euphoric experience that can last for hours.

Like many of our other formulas the WAVE has a unique response curve which varies among individuals. On average you will begin to feel the effects in 15 minutes and as time passes you will start to feel every care and worry in your mind and body quickly fade away. After 30 minutes you will feel the full effects, all worries melting away. At this stage you will feel great and only wishing this pleasurable feeling would last forever. But as soon as the experience started, it will subside shortly after an 1.5 to 2 hours approx. So, if looking to continue the power of the WAVE you can extend the experience by continuing to supplement with the recommended dose for as long as you seek the effects. However do not exceed 3 servings per day. If not interested in the extended effects once the WAVE has run its course you can go right back to what you were doing without feeling tired or cloudy.

The powerful effects of the WAVE go well beyond mood enhancing. Many users have told us they experienced strong sexual desires simply by touching their own skin and/or by having a significant other rub their shoulders. Take it with your partner and have the time of your life or take it by yourself and float away. The U4EK WAVE is like no other product. It will make you rethink the way you relax and unwind. Order it today and find out for yourself.

Supplement Facts Suggested Use

The WAVE's proprietary blend include Betaphenylethlamine, 4(Pyridine-3 carbonylamino) butanoic acid, CDP Choline, Oxitriptan, Cybidium Goeringii, L-Theanine N-Phenylacetyl-L-prolylglycine ethyl ester.

Adults take 4-6 capsules on an empty stomach. Use no more than 3 servings per day

Serving Size: 32 Capsules

• Comparable to Renewtrient
• Ecstacy and GHB Legal Alternative
• Incredible Mood Enhancer
• Weight Loss Catalyst
• hGH and Anti-Aging product
• Day time formula
  Retail Price: $79.95
Our Price: $64.95


  "One of The Greatest Product Since Renewtrient"

Renew G, unlike all other mood products, is a DAYTIME dietary supplement used for producing feelings of well being, promoting fat loss, anti-aging, and increasing energy. This product has been recently reformulated. For better results use in conjunction with a proper diet and exercise program. Consult your physician before starting any such program. Customer feedback has been extremely positive from the use of Renew G since its launch. Each bottle contains 120 capsules.

Proprietery Blend:

R-V.2 Dopamine/ Oxytocin Proprietary Blend 2147 mg. * Daily value not established * Other Ingredients: Gelatin, Water. THE EXOTIC INGREDIENTS FOUND IN RENEW G ARE NATURALLY OCCURRING IN NATURE. Beta-phenyl-gamma-aminobutyric acid, Kanna (extract), Beta-P, Phenethylamine (natural monoamine alkaloid similar to amphetamine)Valeric acid (28%), Withania Somnifera (containing alkaloids somniferine, somnine, somniferinine, withananine, pseudowithanine, tropine, pseudo-tropine, cuscohygrine, anferine and anhydrine), Oxitriptan, Seville orange, Brazilian Cocoa (containing the actives guaranine and the alkaloids theobromine and theophylline), Shilajit (35%) (containing naturally occurring fulvic acid, humic acid, uronic acids, hippuric acid, benzopyrones, and phenolic glycosides), 17a-hydroxy-yohimban-16a-carboxylic acid methylester MADE IN THE USA Note: 6 Capsules contain approx 240 mg caffeine.


Renew G has a unique response curve which varies among individuals. As a daytime supplement, start by taking 3-4 capsules on a light to empty stomach first thing in the morning with plenty of water. You can take up to 6 capsules first thing every day after you establish tolerance. Cycle Renew G three weeks on, then take a one week before starting again. Renew G may be taken in the evening if you plan to stay up. Be sure to read entire label before taking this product. Never exceed taking more than twelve capsules during any 24-hour period.


 • Reduce stress and anxiety
 • Better, Deeper, Enhanced Sleep
 • Anti-Aging Product
 • Promotes Relaxation
32 oz. bottle
  Retail Price: $79.95
Our Price: $66.95


Liquid Relaxation

Do you have problems Sleeping? Do you want a better way to relax?
Liquid Relaxation is just for you. This product will help you to get better sleep, you relax faster and more effectively, avoiding prescription drugs like Xanax and Valium.

What is Liquid Relaxation?
After extended research and development, German American Technologies has developed another product you will truly enjoy. We document and evaluate what are customers like, and what they don't. Liquid Relaxation is an effective all-natural formula featuring two innovative ingredients, L-Theanine and Valeric Acid. These ingredients are clinically proven to reduce stress, give you enhanced sleep, produce feelings of well-being, fight insomnia, promote anti-aging, and assist post-workout recovery. For better results use in conjunction with a proper diet and exercise program.

How do you feel after taking Liquid Relaxation?
After taking just 1 Fluid Oz. (or one capful) of Liquid Relaxation you feel very relaxed and drowsy (results vary upon different individuals) . Effects may take up to 20 minutes, depending on the amount of food in your stomach. It's recommended to take Liquid Relaxation on a light to empty stomach. This product may be taken during the day to help alleviate stress and promote calmness. Liquid Relaxation may also be used as a safe alcohol alternative. Warning: Do not take more than 2 capfuls before driving or operating machinery.

What is L-Theanine? Is it safe and why has it become one of latest health industry trends?
Liquid Relaxation contains Suntheanine - the most concentrated brand of L-Theanine available backed by clinical research.  This amino acid found in the tea plant and rare mushroom species, produces tranquilizing effects in the brain. In Japan, soft drinks and chewing gum are spiked with L-Theanine to induce relaxation. L-Theanine, or the highest quality raw material, Suntheanine increases levels of dopamine - another brain chemical associated with mood-enhancing effects. Studies show that this non-toxic, highly desirable mood modulator can be enjoyed by everyone except babies.

Many of our customers order Eden PM  to cycle with U4EA X-Factor.  If you are not sure which one is best for you, now you can try them out.  See specials for combo pricing.

• Decreases Inhibitions
• Ecstacy and GHB Legal Alternative
• Incredible Mood Enhancer
• Promotes Relaxation
• Reduces Stress and Anxiety
Promotes focus and clarity

  Retail Price: $67.95
Our Price: $59.95 /114.95 for 2



GABATROL-90:  Get Quick Relief from Stress, Anxiety and Depression - Guaranteed! 

Use Gabatrol to provide Natural Treatment For Stress, Anxiety and Depression!

NY Times #1 Bestselling author John Gray (Man are from Mars Women are from Venus) expresses his views on Gabatrol in this recent YouTube Video. Watch at least the first 2 minutes here.

"Gabatrol is a 100% all natural product that effectively gives you fast relief from the feelings of STRESS, ANXIETY, and DEPRESSION". Gabatrol is not a prescription antidepressant like Prozac, Paxil, Zoloft, Wellbutrin and Effexor. Gabatrol is healthy and safe, so you get fast relief without the worries you may find with prescription medications and their unwanted side effects. Unlike prescription medications that may take weeks to work - Gabatrol works quickly!

How? Gabatrol quickly optimizes brain function in several ways. One such way is via Gaba - a naturally occurring amino acid found in food, but which is also a potent neurotransmitter in the brain. By enhancing Gaba levels in the brain, Gabatrol promotes relaxation and relief from stress and anxiety. Gabatrol also works to stabilize electrical impulses between brain cells (called neurons) which also enhances mental clarity and reduces stress and anxiety.

Feel Gabatrol lift away all your tension, anxiety & stress while uplifting your mood. You can feel Gabatrol work - immediately! Most users report feeling the anti-anxiety effects in as little as 10-20 minutes. Only Gabatrol can give you what you are seeking: real mood enhancement, stress and anti anxiety relief, with improved health, all in one all natural product!

There is no simple treatment for stress and anxiety, or the depression they often lead to, because your brain isn't simple. But science has shown that certain naturally occurring ingredients can help. The active ingredients in Gabatrol can work to help regulate the chemicals that influence your moods, without the debilitating side effects of prescription drugs!

Gabatrol works by normalizing chemicals in the brain called neurotransmitters. Just like the ingredients in wine or chocolate work on brain (chocolate is famous for enhancing mood and as an aphrodisiac) Gabatrol does the same thing. In fact Gabatrol contains some of the same powerful ingredients found in chocolate. Both chocolate and Gabatrol affect brain neurotransmitters, except Gabatrol is much more potent! Best of all Gabatrol is all natural and healthy!

Clinically Proven Ingredients

Gabatrol has a balance of amino acids (the building blocks of proteins) that can subtly affect brain chemistry in a positive way! The all natural ingredients contained in Gabatrol's proprietary formula is what separates us from other stress and anxiety products. Its unique active components have been designed to exact, proprietary, defined proportions to ensure optimal functioning to help the body resist stress, anxiety and depression.

Gabatrol ingredients have been extensively researched and documented with over 100 currently available studies. Most areas of research include reducing stress and anxiety, affecting mood disorders, regulating brain chemistry, promoting relaxation, improving learning and concentration, etc. Ingredients include:  2-Aminoethanesulfonic Acid, 2-AminoAcetic Acid
4-Amino-3-Phenyl-Butyrate, Cyclohexane-1-6-hexol.


When you feel less stress and anxiety, your body will reduce the level of stress hormones. One of these is cortisol. Cortisol has been called the 'Death Hormone' by best selling author and skin doctor Nicholas Perricone, MD (The Wrinkle Cure). Cortisol is a death hormone because it DECREASES IMMUNE FUNCTION, making us more at risk of infections and diseases like Cancer! Cortisol also increases fat and decreases muscle tone. Now you can relax and feel great and lower the hormones making you fat! Plus Gabatrol increases energy and motivation making it a great product to take prior to exercise.


Caution: If you order more than one product from this page or from the Sleep Support page do not take them in combination.  These formulas contain agents that work on neurotransmitters and if taken in high amounts, can make you feel nauseous.

To order call 1-800-490-5364 and ask for DEPT. 11 or order here ONLINE

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